About Us

Dartsbuddy.com is an online darts store based in Tokyo, Japan. 
We have huge varieties of darts items like darts barrels (soft & hard/steel), darts cases, flights, shafts, tips, darts boards, and accessories from famous Japanese and British brands. We ship from Tokyo to all over the world via EMS.


Why we do what we do

We are passionate about playing darts as well as finding the best darts goods from various darts brands who make amazing products. Unfortunately you cannot find "the best of the best" that does everything you wish it to do. But that's the beauty of shopping. Now you get to look into your darts gear, playing style, form or stance, gripping style, game strategy, and way of practice at home and analyze which of these huge number of products out there would help you get better in any ways.

We love all kinds of darts brands for sure but we believe that Japanese darts brands make finest quality darts. Our pure passion is to send a message to reach out people in different countries and encourage them to experience the masterpieces these brands are coming up with and what difference the good darts make to your darts experience. Hope to assist building up your arsenal with genuinely valuable darts.
Give us comments and feedbacks via contact form. We would love to hear from you to serve you better.
Hope to see you get excited when opening a package you have ordered and enjoying hitting darts crazy like we do.
Happy darting!
E-mail: dartsbuddy@gmail.com