【DMC】Paul Lim (Steel) STEEL HARDDarts

  • ¥11,667

DMC was the first darts manufacturer who produced at its domestic factory in Japan. The brand leaves its trail in the Japan dart history. Especially the ACUTE series realizes comfortableness of throwing steel darts by shifing the center of gravity to the front of a barrel with placing a reverse screw on the tip. The world's first scraping all-in-one barrel acheives direct straight throw line from the point of a dart to the dart board. Players such as Sho Katsumi (his dart model: Batras SHO/Marverick) and Masumi Chino (his dart model: Batras masumi/sabre) enroll in the brand.
Material tungsten90%
weight 16.5g
length 49.8mm
max dia 7.0mm
Genre hard
set contents NYLONshaft × 3 SPINshaft × 3 Flight × 3