【Trinidad】 TrinidadDartsCASE Wing tipsCamel


  • ¥4,167

TRINIDAD is the Kyusyu originated dart manufacturer. It has many high ranking famous players in the big tournament of PERFECT such as Shogo Asada (his dart model: LOPEZ), Megumi Matsumoto (her dart model: ZAMORA), and more. The brand is aggresive on producing player's next generation dart model and brushing up existing items. Its existence leads the whole darts industry by launching many projects not only making darts but also picking up fast-growing dart players introducing them to the world.
size size:height 155mm×side83mm×depth55mm
strage ・darts1set・barrel1set・shaft1set・TIP12psc・CARDpocket×1 ・ZIPpocket×1 ・multipocket
color camel
Release date 2016/3/5

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