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A barrel that allows to transfer force to the dart with minimal pressure of the fingers. The outline of the darts was finalized based on the results of many different tests. It is designed to provide a perfect fit to the fingers, no matter where it is held, from the very front to the very back of the dart. And the as far as the grip goes, the outline is designed to transfer the force to the dart smoothly. A highly functional Wing Cut is used as the main cuts but in order to provide for a superior fit to the fingers and improve even further the straight forwardness of the throw, micro ring cuts are provided between the main wing cuts. * The flights are pre-punched to allow usage of the Shell Lock ringsDYNASTY’s characteristic is its wide range of lineup from premium model to beginner model. Mayumi Oouchi (her dart model: WAVE RIDER), Park Hyunchul (his dart model: JUJAK2), Yuuichi Oosaki (his dart model: GLADIATOR2), and more enroll in the brand. The brand lately has been aquiring foreign players and focusing on steel tip darts as well.
Material tungsten90%
full length 40.0mm
max dia 7.2mm
weight 16.5g(barrelonly)
set内容 Shaft : L-SHAFT Slim Lock Tip : LIP POINT Flight : Katanalogo De