【Joker Driver】ZEROWhite Rabel Clear/Strong

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JOKER DRIVER original shaft. It is designed for upper level players and made to aim for flight quality and light weight. There are many length variations and many of top players use a long shaft with a small flight to make darts fly better. Combination of JOKER DRIVER original 8 wings flight ZERO Flight can expect better results in a game.
Material PC
weight See there
full length 18.0mm・0.58g(S)/24.0mm・0.64g(IL) 28.5mm・0.70g(IL)/31.0mm・0.72g(M) 35.0mm・0.78g(ML)/38.5mm・0.81g(XL)/41.5mm・0.85g(XXL)
Color White、Clear
specification lock
specification Standard