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MONSTER is the Okayama prefecture originated darts manufacturer. All self manufacturing domestically. Top professional players such as Morihiro Hashimoto (his dart model: Orge Series), Lourence G. Ilagan (his dart model: GUNNER Series), and more enroll in the brand. Recently the brand is aiming to aquire more female dart players such as Sayaka Sasaki (her dart model: LEVELET) and Mayuko Morita (her dart model: KITTEN). MONSTER also produces reasonable priced item line such as Works. It is the huge brand that you can't take eyes off.
Material ジュラルミン
weight 1:0.88g、2:1.02g、3:1.23g、4:1.36g、5:1.42g、6:1.59g、7:1.68g、8:1.79g
full length 1:13.0mm、2:18.0mm、3:24.0mm、4:28.5mm、5:31.0mm、6:35.0mm、7:38.5mm、8
推奨 フィットFlight、フィットFlightエアー
Type スピン、ロック
TYPE FITdesignated
Release date 2016/5/24