International Shipping must be expensive?

 "All right, I get what these guys are doing and found one I really like, but shipping from Tokyo? Man, that's gotta be expensive"

You might be thinking that too. I would be thinking the same thing if I lived halfway around the world from Japan. We get questions about shipping a lot so we thought it might be nice to blog about it. Some people may seem confused so I hope this post will clarify your confusion and give you a better idea of how shipping fee is calculated. Hope this post will help in some ways.

Shipping Rate Chart 

This is a list of items to give you some ideas of how much things weigh:

2BA/4BA/Steel darts(a set of 3 darts in the original case): 70g - 340g 

Flights: 10-30g

Shafts: 10-30g

Darts Case: 50g-150g

Shaft Rings: 10g-20g

Tips: 30pcs/10g, 100pcs/ 30g, 500pcs/140g, 1000pcs/290g

Soft Darts Board: 1.5kg

Hard/Steel Darts Board: 5kg

We ship via EMS by Japan Post. EMS divides the world in 3 zones as follows: 

・1st Zone: Asia

・2nd Zone: Europe, North Americas, Oceania, Caribbean, Middle East

・3rd Zone: South Americas, Africa

Your international shipping fee is calculated based on the rate chart provided by Japan Post.

$1USD = ¥80  €1 = ¥100  £ 1 = ¥126 Not listed here? Get your currency converted on XE.


Let's look at some real example.

Andrew lives in UK. He found this beautiful steel darts with fancy shark cuts from DMC. He thinks this would be a perfect match to his play style and solve problems that he's been facing lately. So what about shipping fee?

Well, easy enough, shipping destination is UK and according to the rate chart UK is in 2nd Zone.

DMC barrel weights about 340-350g. Note that DMC barrel is a little heavier than most of barrels. Most barrels fall into lower categories, which means less expensive.

Andrew pays 1,500 yen ($19USD) for the international shipping. Not bad, right?

Let's look at another one.

Wong lives in Hong Kong. She thinks One Piece flight is going to look really good on her 2BA darts that she is also interested in purchasing from Dartsbuddy. Just in case, she also picked Lip point tips 30pcs so she could play as long as she wants without worrying about breaking tips.

Wong lives in Hong Kong so 1st Zone is her choice.

Her 2BA barrel weighs 70g. 20g for flights and 20g for tips. Total weights are 110g. 

Lucky her! 110g is within the -300g category so the cheapest rate applies to her order.

Wong pays 900 yen ($11.50USD) for the international shipping from Japan to Hong Kong.

It might be cumbersome to calculate manually like we've seen here. There is a workaround that's much easier. You have "estimate shipping fee calculator" at the bottom of your cart page. It will automatically calculate how much shipping fee is based on the items that are in the cart at that point. If you've added more items since the last calculation, you need to recalculate to get the latest fee. 

Delivery Time Estimate

EMS delivery transport days can be expected as follows:

Asia: 2-4 days

North America: 3-5 days 

Europe: 4-6 days 

Oceania: 4-6 days

The length of days may vary depending on not only Japan post or local carriers in each country but also customs. There might be some countries that hold packages longer than expected delivery time. We state clearly what's in the package but if your package is kept hold at the custom, be sure to contact them or us via contact form. To learn more about EMS delivery time length, check out Japan post website.

Tracking Number

As soon as your order gets picked up by the carrier, a tracking number will be emailed to you. By entering the number to Individual International Mail Search by Item Number (Japan Post), you can locate your package. 

Please feel free to contact us via contact form or Live Chat if you have any questions about products or shipping fees.
Happy darting!



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