International Shipping must be expensive?

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 "All right, I get what these guys are doing and found one I really like, but shipping from Tokyo? Man, that's gotta be expensive" You might be thinking that too. I would be thinking the same thing if I lived halfway around the world from Japan. We get questions about shipping a lot so we thought it might be nice to blog about it. Some people may seem confused so I hope this post will clarify your confusion and give you a better idea of how shipping fee is calculated. Hope this post will help in some ways. Shipping Rate Chart  This...

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  Hello darts lovers, My name is Takuya from and today we'd like to announce that our online darts store "" is now live and open! We've been waiting for this opening day to come so long and I hope you have too. More than 400 people have liked our Facebook page so far from around the world which is really overwhelming and exciting for us. We are truly grateful for that.  Our original opening date was supposed to be Sep 25 but some unexpected system errors occurred a day before and we thought we could fix in a couple...

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